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Do you have a PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, console (eg PlayStation PS4) or other device that needs repairing? Are you experiencing frustrating performance or connectivity issues? Don’t spend precious money on buying a new one before you contact ASH NET. We won’t tell you a fictitious story to convince you to buy a new one unless there is no other option after we have checked for a solution that may cost you a lot less money than buying a new one.

Whether it be a software installation or a new mobile phone screen or keyboard that needs repairs, motherboard repair, slow performance issues, restarts without you controlling them, data loss for no reason, constant freezing, or another issue that a repair may resolve, ask ASH NET to find the issue and fix it in Auckland. We can also resolve wi-fi connectivity and reception issues, remove unwanted pop-ups, repair any data loss issues, remove viruses, and a lot more.

mobile screen replacement


ASH NET do not charge for an initial check-up. All devices received for repair are first carefully inspected for possible errors. Once the laborious task of inspection is done, a brief description of the problem(s) is provided to you with solution suggestions, and a quote of how much it would cost in time and money. We start the repair work only after receiving your consent.

Stop being frustrated with your issues and call the ASH NET team today. It may only take a few minutes to have you up and running again, working at top speed with no more hiccups. We have got you covered with mobile and gaming console repair in NZ.




Our Guarantee

We understand that our customers share their valuable personal and professional data by leaving their computers with us. We take pride in getting all repairs done in the right manner. We will respect your data and privacy, and will not share it with any other third party.  We will perform our services with integrity by replacing the damaged part of the computer system. Returning the equipment to you as soon as possible and charging the minimum cost are our basic principles.

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6 Reasons Why Our Customers Trust Us

So, no need to feel disheartened if your computer is not working. Simply call ASH NET and receive excellent repair services at the most affordable rates.

We are an authorized company offering high quality computer repair solutions of various brands. We provide the highest quality replacement parts.

We provide fast, reliable and affordable computer repair services to Auckland based customers. Primarily, we inspect the computer and provide a quote according to the required repair.

Since our inception, we have been providing computer repair solutions to both individuals and large-sized companies operating locally and globally. Customers should feel free to take real-time feedback from our existing clients.

All our computer and laptop repair services are backed with a 3 month guarantee. We will fix the computer for free if any issues arise within 3 months of our original repair.

We strive to repair your device as quickly as possible, sometimes even on the same day.

We are able to pick the faulty computer up from the workplace or home of our customers and get it delivered after making the necessary changes. Our doorstep pick-up and delivery service is available at an additional small cost.

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